The Church on the Hill

One of the most ‘period’ places I have seen is the small little town of Kasauli, tucked away in the hills of Solan District in India’s Himachal Pradesh state. And, in Kasauli, there is no more quainter a place than the old Christ Church, established in 1844. Nearly 200 years old, this place of worship still stands tall and strong, majestically overseeing all the modernisation … Continue reading The Church on the Hill

Taken by surprise

A trip to the hills in Northern India is never complete without several encounters with primates of different kinds and it’s almost always that they have the upper hand over us humans. They have been known to take off people’s hats and eyeglasses, not to mention making off with food packets and raiding the refrigerator. But as this set of three pictures show, they cannot … Continue reading Taken by surprise