America, Stop This !!

Mr Patel, neck broken, lies in hospital.
Still from the dash cam video showing Mr. Patel being pinned, face down, to the ground.
One of the guilty policemen.

It’s all very good that Mr Obama came to India and literally took the country by storm.
He then went back and within a few days ruffled a whole lot of feathers when he spoke about alleged religious intolerance in the land of Mahatma Gandhi.
We were very gracious hosts to the American president but his words annoyed a lot of us. However, we let it pass after making some noise.
Just days after that, now we see horrific videos of the incident in Alabama where a 57-year Indian grandfather, Sureshbhai Patel,  has been left paralyzed, thanks to insensitive policemen who in their wisdom claimed they were dealing with a terrorist.
Where was the need for such brutality? Why does this happen again and again? While it’s not the first time with an Indian, with other minorities in the United States, this has become commonplace.
Every society has to be careful and watch their backs. But is this the way? Just one insensitive and reckless act has paralyzed an innocent man whose only fault, apparently, was he did not speak English.
The cop has been dismissed and arrested. A probe is now on and responsibility will be fixed.
But such probes have happened earlier as well. Yet such incidents are repeated. Hopefully, things will change.
That said, what’s happened to Mr Obama and our own Narendra Modi? The two of them, together, are known for their Tweeting and their bonhomie. Isn’t it strange they have both lost their voice?
Their deathly silence has not helped.
Have a look at this link and one can appreciate the gravity of what happened!


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  1. Littlesundog says:

    I have no appropriate words my friend. These atrocities have got to stop… so much unrest, blame, brutality… and yet nothing is really done to stop it. This problem of racial intolerance has escalated on a national level here in America.

    I am not an Obama fan. Polls show the American public lacks confidence in his leadership. I think most of us are simply trying to focus on the next election… trying to put behind us these years of laxity and chaos.


    1. singhcircle says:

      Unfortunately, it’s not about Obama or anyone else. It’s about the psyche of some sick people. That is why such incidents keep happening, whoever is the President. The world is now becoming an increasingly intolerant place but would like to believe the U.S. Is different.
      What’s happened in North Carolina is also a massive tragedy. My heart goes out to the victims.


  2. sindhu says:

    This is what happens when POWER ends up in wrong hands, bad Prime Minister or bad cop. My heart skips a beat each time I watch the clip where bad cop Eric Parker throws the old man down. Speechless when one sees an old man reduced to a rag-doll in a matter of seconds just because a brat cop had learned a new combat technique to demonstrate. SICK MIND.
    This video is shocking, each time, every time:

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    1. singhcircle says:

      And this is not the first time, nor will it be the last! The Indian man shot dead by a would be robber in New Jersey yesterday is another case in point!


  3. sindhu says:

    Reblogged this on sindhuauthor and commented:

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  4. singhcircle says:

    This will keep on happening.


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