Vet the Best


Tyson made his yearly visit to the ‘talking vet’ today. And, once again, he was at his best behaviour – calm and quiet – as if he were the sacrificial lamb who knows there is no escape from the altar.

2Dr Jaffer, left, assisted by Baby, attends to Tyson

More than Tyson, my five-year old Desert Dog, it was Dr Jaffer who was once again, his usual talking self.

He actually talks to the dog (or cat as the case might be). And the pets respond. I can confirm Tyson even nods in approval as he listens, even though with a hint of suspicion. He does not bark, makes no attempt to get away and waits patiently as he gets the job done.

Google lists Dr Jaffer as Bahrain’s incredible vet who talks to animals and that’s no understatement. He will seldom talk to the owners and, even if he…

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  1. priyankamoraes says:

    Bahrain’s own Dr Do Little ! I so wish some of the doctors here get a lesson or two and talk to patients a little more humanely….loved this post !


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