Period Look

I got rid of the colour on this rather ordinary picture and saw it looked like a shot out of an ancient photography book. Though there are a few things that give the picture away, like the modern bridge in the background and the outboard motors on boats, the look and ‘feel’ of this fishing…

Rotting Fishing Boat

This boat, like several others on the Muharraq coast in Bahrain, has surely seen better days. As with many others, it has possibly helped in many a catch over the years but now lies dilapidated and uncared for. If only we cared for those who once cared for and provided for us, the world would…

The Coffee Run

The roadside drive-by cafe is a busy place late in the evening on Bahrain’s Muharraq Island.

City Lights!

I spent an hour sitting in my living room balcony last night, just looking at the traffic pass by. Then I looked at the lights in the several skyscrapers around me. And that’s when I got the camera. Every window seems to have a story to tell and so does the traffic. The makeshift weekend…

Taking Off

Traditional fishing dhows ready to leave the Sitra Fishing Harbour in Bahrain with the seagulls seemingly getting set to lead the way.