Trigger Happy

DSC_5871Scores of people among the thousands who converge on the Bab Al Bahrain area every weekend make it a point to get their pictures taken to send to their loved ones back home. Thanks to technology, it’s now become all too simple and images are transferred in split seconds.
I remember when I first went overseas in 1996, I had my pictures taken with a film roll camera at Sharjah’s Rolla Square, got the roll developed with only half a dozen pictures on it, printed all of them, shoved them into an envelope and and triumphantly posted it. It was only two weeks later when I called home on the weekend (I did not then have a mobile phone – very few people did) when I was told the pictures had, indeed, arrived.All that also had a certain flavour to it and it was rather enjoyable. Things are far too easy now! Pity!!

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