Friday Prayers in Manama

DSC_5462 DSC_5486 DSC_5495 DSC_5499 DSC_5508Weekend Friday prayers in the Old Manama Suq in Bahrain.
Thousands of people get together on the streets of the old quarter a little before noon, come hail or shine.
The gatherings are rather pleasant occasions during the cool winter months, though  worshipers have to endure sizzling temperatures in the summer.

5 thoughts on “Friday Prayers in Manama

  1. Hi Mandeep Singh, great images. I wonder if it is possible to use one of your images, of course with the proper citation, in an academic lecture. I didn’t found your e-mail in your blog, I will be glad to explain you with further detail if required. Please let me know if possible. Thanks.

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  2. Te lecture is on April 7 and 8 on nocturnal landscapes in the Arabian Peninsula. It’s for educational purposes only, will be in front of a general audience, and it will be recorded and maybe broadcasted on youtube. The image I will like to include in the presentation are number 3 and for counting from the beginning of the post.

    You can see more about the conference here:


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