Silhouette Saturday

I found these images of the setting sun at Bahrain’s Asry Beach in Hidd a visual treat. And all of them were silhouettes. Thus the compilation – and the headline!  

Airborne Again

These pictures were taken from a helicopter back in March 2009 when I was among four people who had gone up to have an Ariel view of the then new Khalifa Bin Salman Port. The skyline looks pretty much the same even now, but the iconic Bahrain Financial Harbour and the Bahrain World Trade Centre,…

Winter Paintbrush

Seasonal flowers in full bloom on the street walk on a crisp winter morning in Bahrain’s capital, Manama. Such colours are seen only in the cold months, particularly in January and February, after which it starts to get warm. The extreme desert heat after that makes it almost impossible for such beauty to flourish.

Sun down

These two very similar shots of the setting sun pictured over different areas of Bahrain. One was taken at the exclusive beach resort at Al Dar Islands while the other is from the rooftop of a 40 floor tower in Manama. Taking pictures of the sunset is always special in Bahrain and this proves that…


This Ariel picture of Downtown Manama is from March 2009, when I went up in a chopper for the first time. The photographs I took then were some of the best I have. The overall skyline has not changed a lot since then, but for a few more skyscrapers that have come up. And, of…