Life’s Labour Lost

This is a re-post from May last year. Am posting this again tonight after a drive through the Old Manama Suq and looking at the vast multitudes of people from all over the Indian Sub-Continent going about their business during the only time of the week they leave their labour camps or work places, if only for a couple of hours!


DSC_1046 copyI spotted this man on a weekend visit to old Manama.
This was on a Friday at a mini flea market where used clothes, shoes, slippers, combs, and even tooth brushes are sold at prices ranging between 50 fills and a couple of dinars.
The man was “selling” tattered trousers, shirts and scarves, a few broken toys and some pieces of plastic.
He sat on the road, next to a stinking trash bin, which he also used as a shelf to display some of his wares.
No one stopped at his “stall” and he did not utter a word – there was this blank, lost and forlorn look on his face.
Possibly an Indian, Bangladeshi or Pakistani, this man is not alone.
There are thousands like him who need help. They have no identities, no passports, no income and, perhaps, nowhere to sleep.
These people, as a recent news report…

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