A Delicious Gift: Stew For Two

Originally posted on The Domestic Man:
Recently, I’ve been thinking about living a simpler life. The idea started when I visited Mickey Trescott’s new home in the Willamette Valley over the summer, but it really solidified when we moved all of our things from Maryland to Florida last month – over 14,000 lbs worth of belongings. As we started unpacking boxes, I couldn’t help but… Continue reading A Delicious Gift: Stew For Two

Golden Eye

The always beautiful sunset off the coast of Bahrain’s Muharraq Island. This picture, taken during low tide, presents a spectacular view of the capital, Manama’s skyline, with the now many skyscrapers vying with one another in grandeur and splendor. There was a time not many years ago when this tiny nation had no highrise buildings and boasted of just a few buildings of more than … Continue reading Golden Eye