How much image manipulation is too much?

Very well said. Reblogging!

Bill Allsopp Photography

And just as importantly how much is too little!

I am often asked where the line is drawn between good image enhancement and excessive manipulation. Photography is not like a football field, it is not as simple as in or out, so where do we start?

Well inevitably, if we are to manipulate an image, we are going down the route of changing what was there to our vision, how we interpret it, or would like others to see it. This is taking us down the route of art so firstly let me refer you to the article IS PHOTOGRAPHY ART? in which I noted photographs of the people around us, our immediate environment and the items within it, are often made as a record and as such need to be accurate as to shape, proportions and colour or they do not fulfil the purpose for which they were…

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    I do not have time to get artistic with photography… I generally crop if I have to, but otherwise, manipulating photos (in my opinion) is more about those with an artistic eye to change or enhance (improve) the image. It is all art to me… and everyone’s perception of art or the rules about it will differ. This was an excellent subject to ponder.


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