Relic reborn?

DSC_8542This is perhaps Bahrain’s first hotel, how fallen on bad days like so many other heritage sites. The Bahrain Hotel came into existence in the 1940’s and was once a luxury address, situated right at the waterfront on the Manama Harbour. Those were the days when 90 per cent of the visitors to Bahrain came on ships and boats, with some of the larger vessels anchoring miles away from the shore to offload passengers into smaller boats that brought them ashore.
It was in those days the Bahrain Hotel flourished and guests enjoyed a luxurious view of the vast ocean.
The last few years have seen several abortive attempts to get this hotel going once again and it seems everyone’s given up finally.
Last word that I got was Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture had taken over the property to renovate and refurbish it as a heritage site. That is good news, if it’s true. Bahrain has a rich culture, tradition and history unmatched in this part of the world so it is important these relics from the past are preserved and promoted as places of tourist interest.
Hopefully, all is not lost – yet – and we might see the Bahrain Hotel rise from the proverbial dustbin of history – again!

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  1. Mjollnir says:

    Always good to see old places like this restored and brought back to their former glory.

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    1. singhcircle says:

      That’s right. It’s sad to see them rot away over time.

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