Heya Beya tradition alive and well

20141003_172315Today was the traditional Heya Beya Day. And, for the first time, I took some pictures to commemorate the event in a small way during our regular evening walk on the Busaiten coast.
Every year on the eve of Eid Al Adha (which is tomorrow) the shores of Bahrain are crowded with happy children wearing beautiful and colourful traditional clothes celebrating Heya Beya, an old Bahraini traditional  ritual which is inspired by Prophet Ebrahim and lessons learnt from sacrificing his son. 20141003_172417
Eid Al Adha is also known as Feast of the Sacrifice. In anticipation of the Heya Beya celebration, children plant beans in a basket and water it daily till it grows to a plant (Heya Beya).
20141003_172104On the ritual day the children wear their traditional clothes and join friends, neighbours and family to sacrifice their beloved Heya Beya.
20141003_172308The aim is to revive Bahraini heritage and teach children to sacrifice their home-grown plants. All over Bahrain’s coast, children gather at sunset and start singing traditional songs, before throwing their Heya Beya into the sea.

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