Remembering the Sikhicide

Thirty years ago to the day, a genocide against innocent Sikhs in India started. Thirty years ago, also to the day, top ruling Congress Party politicians led gangs of goons who went about torching Sikh homes in several Delhi localities. It was also then Sikhs, young and old, who were butchered – shot, slit and…

The Colosseum – in Bahrain!

This is the Colosseum – and it’s in Bahrain! Yes, it is the same shape and look as the famous amphitheater in Rome, Italy – and perhaps inspired by its design, but this one hosts the offices of the country’s Electricity and Water Authority. This is one of Bahrain’s many brilliantly – designed buildings that…

The minaret and the crescent

This rather unusual picture was ‘made’ near the mosque on the Al Ghouse Walkway in Muharraq, Bahrain, just as the evening prayers started. I have photographed minarets and the moon in several stages but this is the first time both were captured together!

The grave yard

These dhows, at a corner of the Arad Bay in Bahrain, have seen better days for sure. Gone are the times when solid wooden dhows, made of imported teak from India, ruled the seas around the country, whether engaged in trade with far off lands or fishing. Dhows are now almost all steel and fiberglass…

Desert sunset

The beautiful and dense orange sunset over Bahrain’s Sakhir desert. And with the weather suddenly taking a turn for the better, at 25 degrees C, the feeling is awesome.