As fresh as it gets

DSC_1283Can it get any fresher? Possibly, it cannot!
As I drove to work after an interview last Thursday, I saw a large number of camels on the roadside. They were there right on the highway – a somewhat strange sight – since these lanky animals are not seen in this situation. But when I stopped to take a closer look and, perhaps, a few pictures, I realised why they were there. It was an impromptu camel’s milk bar!
And there was a “shopkeeper” there as well – under a makeshift shed – minding a large ice box that had its own shade – a large garden umbrella!!
The gent in the dark glasses said the products he was selling – camel’s milk, yogurt, cheese and laban – were ‘factory fresh’, and pointed to the animals not so far away.
Having spent such a long time in Bahrain, this was my first such ‘sighting’ – though I would have imagined that being in the Arabian Gulf nation, such scenes would be commonplace!
And, no, I did not buy anything! I’d rather go in for the packed – and certainly more hygienic – variety available at some of the stores around the nation!

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