Coastal clarity

A rather ‘foggy’ view of Bahrain’s Budaiya coast this morning – but that was only the extreme humidity on the camera lens. The ‘real’ picture emerged after I wiped the moisture off. The picture presents a rather crystal-clear look – so very common in Bahrain waters!


This father-daughter duo was watching the brilliant sunset off the coast neat the Bahrain Fort. Companionship at its very best!

India’s Dharavi set to become a Kowloon

A couple of days ago, I read a book on Hong Kong’s famed Kowloon Walled City, which was pulled down to make way for a park in the late 1980’s. This after it became well-known as a hotbed for everything illegal, unlawful and undesirable. It was a haven for crime and criminals and both the…

Park Royale

The sun sets over Bahrain’s Arad Bay with scores of walking enthusiasts going about their daily business even as the severe summer heat has eased over the last few days. A sunset in Bahrain always presents a most beautiful sight and comes up with something unique each time it is photographed.