Mutt on the coast

DSC_6978 DSC_6984 DSC_6989It was a blisteringly hot evening yet again but that did not stop this bunch of children fool around on a “hillock” at the Busaiteen coast. But the way they were literally dragging a most unhappy-looking dog with them was not a pleasent sight. The well-fed, but visibly uncomfortable, mutt tried its best not to follow the pack of kids on the climb up but finally gave in after a bout of tugs and pulls.
The poor creature obviously would have been happier ensconed in the air-conditioned comfort of his master’s bedroom but that was not to be because the children (and that, too, boys) wanted to have some fun.
I felt sad at the way man’s best friend had been hopelessly outnumbered in this case, even as I thought about our own pet, Tyson, who refuses to be even taken for the customary evening after meal walk and rushes indoors seconds after completing his “business”!!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    I am always sad when I see animals having to comply with man’s silly endeavors. I gave up taking my Mr. T on walks… he was panicked by people and traffic. He’s socially inept. He’s much happier just milling about in the yard on his own. Why make an animal do what it does not wish to?


  2. singhcircle says:

    Our Tyson has always been socially inept as well but he became absoluterly petrified of traffic – and people – when he bolted during a walk and disappeared for three days several years ago. We eventually found him, thanks to newspaper advertisements and a kind-hearted American couple that secured him. He now just goes out only long enough (and sometimes even that is a struggle) to finish his business and rush back in!


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