It’s orange and it’s a HIT!

20140310_172605This is my ‘take’ on the famous Muharraq bicycle, a ‘must’ on the list of any tourist visiting Bahrain.
I have seen this photograph on many blogs but had never seen it in real even tough we stay just a couple of kilometers away.
It’s just an ordinary cycle but it’s painted orange for some reason. And it’s sitting there, chained to the ‘tarmac’ as if an airplane is being stopped from taking off. Locals say it is from the 60’s and had been in one of the old Muharraq houses before it was put on display.
Never mind its ‘historical’ value, it does present a rather unusual sight, with its ‘period’ look culture tag. And the fact it has figured on the ‘bucket list’ of visitors to the Island, makes it worth its while!

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  1. Mjollnir says:

    That is a frightening shade of orange! 😀


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