Woof – Best Friends Forever

20140716_103629Dogs are man’s best friend – that’s never been in doubt!
However, the number of our four-legged companions seen while travelling in Sikkim was something else.20140715_100511
Everywhere we went – from houses on mountain tops, to restaurants, hotels, shops, bars, stores, and on roadsides and monasteries, they were in abundance. They were many a times even in the middle of the road, refusing to move, happy to see traffic pass by, even if vehicles had to go around them!20140715_114942
What was striking was they were not just stray dogs – they looked well-fed and domesticated and were always docile and very friendly. 20140715_112613
The local people had an explanation: Starting late in the evening, wild animals have been known to come preying on cattle and other livestock so the dogs are a must everywhere. 20140714_175134They claim the dogs not only warn of impending animal attacks but also scare away the predators. Over the years, they say, such attacks have greatly reduced thanks to these ‘vigilantes’ who have taken it upon themselves to guard their neighbourhood.20140715_100049
Now that’s what best friends are for!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Aw, they are sweet! I love the three house dogs I have and would love an outdoor dog, but I don’t think Daisy deer would like that at all! 🙂


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