When we were on top of the world

DSC_8486 copy DSC_8501 DSC_8497 copy DSC_8532 copy It was a “will we, won’t we scenario” when it came to whether we would visit one of the marvels of engineering – the Singhshore Bridge near Pelling in West Sikkim, because the weather was rather unstable.
We had wanted to go there a day earlier but a minor landslide on the only road we could take from Bermiok to Pelling had resulted in traffic being suspended for several hours. In the end, and thanks in no small measure to our enterprising driver and guide, Dawa, we actually visited the spot.
The Singshore Bridge is said to be the highest bridge in Sikkim and the second highest gorge bridge in Asia. Architecturally brilliant, the 200 meters “shivering” structure was built th the late 1980’s and connects two hills. An extremely popular tourist spot, the bridge is said to be at a height of around 200 meters from the ‘floor’ of the valley below.
Though we did not test it, locals say an average size stone thrown off the bridge takes around 10 seconds to hit the ground. Now, that’s some height!
While on top, the bridge offers a splendid view of lush hillsides, overwhelming waterfalls and the pristine valley. The bridge itself is a sight to behold.
I have no idea when but officials are now saying they are planning to offer adventure activities like bungee jumping as part of tourism promotion. Hopefully, that will happen in the next few years, or earlier, when we plan another visit – possibly in the extremely cold winters!4711948_orig