The walk we did not want to end

Lake.JPGWe had travelled in Sikkim for four days and were, expectedly, tired. But we had to still visit the Khecheopalri (wishing) Lake, one of the holiest places on the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit.
Our guide and driver Dawa, promised it would be a “comfortable”  drive and we would not have to walk a lot but walk ort not, this was one pilgrimage we had to undertake. We had seen (photographs) and read so much, it had to be explored.True to Dawa’s claims, the drive was comfortable, and exceptionally beautiful, in light rain and among the clouds and lush greenery, scores of waterfalls, small houses dotting the mountainsides. The whole scene was so surreal, there was no time for discomfort or fatigue.The lake itself, originally known as Kha-Chot-Palri (meaning the heaven of Padmasambhava), is sacred for both Buddhists and Hindus, and is believed to be a wish-fulfilling lake. It is located near Khecheopalri village, 147 kilometres west of the state capital Gangtok and 34 kilometres to the northwest of Pelling town in the West Sikkim district of the Northeastern Indian state.
As we parked and started to walk, it was a feeling of pure divinity. It was as if God Himself lived there. We were told it was a five-minute walk to the lake but a few seconds into it, we wanted it to go on and on. This is one walk we did not mind walking – we never wanted it to end!
Lake1.JPGAs the accompanying pictures show, the light rain added to the feeling of being one with nature and the Almighty. Alas, the walk had to end but here again, we were in for another breathtaking sight – the Lake!The local name for the lake is Sho Dzo Sho (Oh Lady, Sit Here) while it is popularly known as Khecheopalri Lake, ensconced in the midst of the Khechoedpaldri hill, which is also considered sacred.
An interesting feature of the lake is that leaves are not allowed to float on the lake, which is ensured by the birds, which industriously pick them up as soon as they drop into the lake surface. We did not see the phenomenon but were amazed at how clean and still the water was. Made even more beautiful by the light raindrops and clouds. It gave an impression we were on some magical planet floating in the sky!The way back to the car was equally magical but we tried to prolong it as much as we could, taking photographs and stopping as if for a breather!
I would want to return to the lake, perhaps in the winter and the freezing cold, to make yet another wish – for, they say, you make one wish per visit and it comes true!

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  1. Sindhu S. says:

    Reblogged this on sindhuspace and commented:
    Never imagined the power of silence to be so captivating…


  2. What a beautiful place…
    I really don’t mind walking through this lush green landscape for any number of days…
    Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂


  3. thatmishmash says:

    Enchanting it was ! True , one wouldn’t want such a walk to end 🙂

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