The beautiful Bahrain sunset pictured from the Muharraq Suq. It is rare to get a shot with the clouds at this time of the year but when that does happen, it provides some unusual patterns. This photograph appears to show a ‘mountain range’ on the ‘brightest star’ in the solar system.

It’s been framed

The Shaikh Isa bin Salman Causeway and part of the Bahrain Bay development seen framed through a park bench structure on the Muharraq coast. A fishing boat, the high tide and the orange glow of the sunset complete the picture.

‘I just want to say, I love you’

This duo, spotted at the Muharraq Municipal Park this evening, were taking pictures of each other, possibly to send back to loved ones in their home country. The men, who looked like workers from Bangladesh, were happily posing, making sure the right background of the Manama skyline and the high tide are captured. Interesting to…

The Tyson saga!

This is a column I wrote at the Gulf Daily News back in the beginning of 2010 when our pet Tyson returned home after having gone missing for three days. I was reminded of those times by a blog I wrote yesterday (Mutt on the coast) and a comment that followed saying how humans insist…