Inspired by food!

Dear fellow bloggers. I have started a new blog,, which is inspired by some of the blogs I follow here and at After I started blogging here a little more than a year ago primarily to give vent to my passion for writing and photography, I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful an experience that was. Soon, around six months ago, I started posting … Continue reading Inspired by food!

‘I just want to say, I love you’

This duo, spotted at the Muharraq Municipal Park this evening, were taking pictures of each other, possibly to send back to loved ones in their home country. The men, who looked like workers from Bangladesh, were happily posing, making sure the right background of the Manama skyline and the high tide are captured. Interesting to note was the writing on one man’s t-shirt, which read: … Continue reading ‘I just want to say, I love you’

Mutt on the coast

It was a blisteringly hot evening yet again but that did not stop this bunch of children fool around on a “hillock” at the Busaiteen coast. But the way they were literally dragging a most unhappy-looking dog with them was not a pleasent sight. The well-fed, but visibly uncomfortable, mutt tried its best not to follow the pack of kids on the climb up but … Continue reading Mutt on the coast

Death of a turtle

This is what remains of a large turtle that died after strangling itself on discarded mono-filament fishing line carelessly discarded by fishermen off the coast of Bahrain’s Sitra island. Mo, the manager at the exclusive Al Dar Island resort, was on a trip in the area on Saturday morning when he saw the fairly large reptile (75 cms across) floating in the water near the … Continue reading Death of a turtle