Sikkim Holy Day

This is perhaps the most scenic and spiritual places we have ever visited. Buddha Park, in the southern district of India’s North Eastern Sikkim state of Sikkim, brings with it rare calm and peace and leaves one with a feeling of contentment and fulfilment.

We were not sure if the weather would hold but it did and as we drove along the hilly terrain from the state capital Gangtok to Pelling, there it was.

The majestic Lord Buddha stood hundreds of feet tall on top of a hill, surrounded by lush green gardens, hundreds of Tibetan prayer wheels and monasteries.

But as we made our way towards the entrance, a dense cloud cover enveloped the statue, the main attraction, and we wondered whether we could actually see Him in all His glory.

We were lucky because the cloud cover cleared within minutes and we could not only have a long hard look at the beauty of the Lord but also had a wonderfully spiritual experience walking inside the statue and looking at the hundreds of exhibits and scriptures it houses.

The Buddha Park was planned in 2006 on the birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha when the state government took a policy decision to mark the occasion throughout the year in Sikkim. And as a part of the celebrations, the people of Ravangla, where the park is, took the initiative to build and install a large statue of Lord Buddha and an eco-garden.

This would be a landmark in Sikkim’s unique effort to promote pilgrimage tourism.

The huge statue of is clearly visible from all the directions of southwest Sikkim near Ravangla and some parts of West Sikkim. The park area is beautifully landscaped creating ample walkways,  gardens and space for visitors to enjoy the serene surroundings.

The site commands beautiful views of the mountains and the spiritual ambience of the place adds to the visitor experience. The site also has added infrastructure created for a museum, a meditation centre and a Buddhist conclave.

It was officially opened by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in March last year.


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  1. Sindhu S. says:

    Reblogged this on sindhuspace and commented:
    Such beautiful moments, the never ending prayer wheels and the soothing “Aum Mani Peme Hum” made it a pure spiritual experience.


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