‘Where’s my share?’

DSC_0076This photograph was taken in the main bazaar of the tourist-infested hill station of Kasauli in Northern India’s Himachal Pradesh State. There are as many monkeys in this once sleepy little town founded by the British nearly a century ago as there are visitors from the plains, desperate to escape the sizzling temperature. I am sure these predecessors of humans on the planet look forward to the summer influx with some amount of impatience since they then get to share the spoils, as is clear from this shot.
The look on the monkey’s face and the way the man is sitting and eating tells a story. Never mind the litter, but this is one of the better pictures I think I have taken!


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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Ha ha! I am not sure how I’d react as the man sitting on the bench. First off, I have a strong dislike for monkeys. I’m not sure why. Perhaps as a child at a zoo I had a bad experience – who knows? But I know one thing, I would not be feeding it!!
    You did capture a “story”, yes indeed! Sometimes being patient yields the best photos of all.


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