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AMSTERDAM – I was watching the film The Fault in our Stars and the main characters visit Amsterdam. The scenery really blew me away – such a beautiful place, where Anne Frank lived in hiding. This is definitely a place I need to go, even if it’s just to see the Anne Frank Museum. What a story it is, a very sad story.

anne frank writing

inside the diary 2

TORONTO, CANADA – Although Toronto Canada is such a lovely, beautiful city full of history, it’s not the only reason I would love to go. I’d love to meet my very dear friend and pen-pal.


amazing street art

It always feels good when you stay at a nice hotel, but when you travel, it’s probably not the best place to get in touch with the locals. The people of where you are going are not going to hang around hotels. Toronto has some really great street art, by the way.


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