No, this is not Bahrain

Picture for representation only
Picture for representation only

I haven’t felt like this in a long time – if ever! Angry, miserable, annoyed, call it what you want but that’s not the way Bahrain is.
A perfect start to a perfect day at work was ruined by an obstinate and rude “gentlemen” who insisted on calling the traffic cops after I banged – and supposedly damaged – his car while reversing in the office parking lot.
We have some minor issues every day in the overcrowded place but we have a way to resolve those and we always shake hands in the end.
But, today, this very vain, arrogant and obnoxious (believe me, perhaps the ONLY such Bahraini I have seen) insisted his sparkling new SUV had been “damaged” and he would have to take it to the garage.
The “damage” was a small, barely visible to the human eye scratch at the bottom of the rear bumper that can easily be wiped out and obliterated just by water.
The traffic police officer, other colleagues, parking attendants and others were themselves taken by surprise but, to be fair to the officer, he had no role since he was only “following the law.”
That said, I did pay a fine and closed the matter but this has upset me greatly.
Seventeen years in Bahrain and I have NEVER seen anyone quite like this person who is so unlike any Bahraini.
This is a very friendly nation inhabited by very friendly and warm people. This is a nation that hundreds of thousands of expatriates call home. This is a nation where even high-ranking officials, ministers, police and military officers will warmly greet you (sometimes with a bear hug) every time they see you. This is a nation where even Royalty will hold your hand and say “good to see you” or “where have you been. Long time”.
I am sure this man will never read this. I don’t want him to. But I wanted to get over my immediate frustration and anger. I am sure some of my Bahraini friends will cringe and be apologetic.
Apologies accepted. Because I know this is a one-off (perhaps the only) incident of this kind.

2 thoughts on “No, this is not Bahrain

  1. These types of incidents are aggravating, and in America it is commonplace to be sued over a little dent or scrape. We do not own a new vehicle (ours are 1996 and 2001 models). I think many times driving an old car keeps people from desiring to sue a person!


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