Living it up

Living it up

This is such a common sight in Bahrain. Friends and relatives gather on the coast to share gossip, chat, and just make the most of life. These gatherings – or majlis as it is called – are very happy places where children of the household often join in as well to spend evenings together.
Arabic tea and coffee are staple, as are also dates and fruits of several kinds and sometimes, a barbecue provides succulent kebab and chops.
I did have these gentlemen’s permission to take this very happy picture but as soon as did, I was invited to sit with them and take in the “spoils” as well. Of course, I readily agreed and they were kind and gracious enough to even not speak in Arabic while I sat.
That’s true Bahraini hospitality – and spirit!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    That’s very cool. That probably wouldn’t happen in America. I could ask to take a photo, but likely would be viewed as suspicious and thought of as strange for asking to take the photo!

    I love the pop of color in the photo. Nice, candid shot!


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