Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past

I dug this picture out from the depths of Facebook this afternoon. And there I am, among my fellow students and dear old Rozy (the teacher, Mr Rozario) at the St John’s School Chandigarh.
It feels great to take a look at myself in middle school (Grade 9). This photo, taken in the mid-1970’s, brought back a lot of memories of school when life was so different from what school kids have these days.
There was no technology – mobiles, Internet, computers etc – and there were severe punishments for indiscipline – among them rather painful wallop, caning and, in extreme cases, teachers even used their bare hands.
But, yes, that turned most of us into good human beings and successful professionals, well settled in their respective fields.
Many of those in the photo are on Facebook, and we are in touch – at least we know each other’s whereabouts and what we are doing, even though we have not met since we left school.
In this picture are future bureaucrats, engineers, academicians, scientists, businessmen, Army officers and even a journalist.
Mr Rozario, who is now retired and spends his time in Chandigarh, has mentored countless fine young men in his day and to him we must credit many of the good qualities we have today.
Yes, sir, we hated you when you rolled up your sleeves and threw duster’s at us but now we know you were right – because you made us what we are today.

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  1. Thank god for annual school pictures. A great way to connect with the people who made us what we are today. nice piece.


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