Were those the days? Yes, they were!

Were those the days? Yes, they were!
Me with, from left to right, Jalil Omar, BBS and Salman
Jalil, BBS and Me

Saturday morning, I ended up at my “Alma Mater” in Bahrain – the headquarters of Al Ayam newspaper. It was 17 years ago that I first arrived on the Island, to work on Bahrain Tribune, Al Ayam’s sister English daily.
I have some very pleasant memories of days spent in the company of some of the finest human beings – Arabs, English, Americans, French, Swiss, Indians, Pakistanis, Scottish etc.
Those were also the times when I learnt about Bahraini culture, what to do and what not to, how to address certain people, protocol on royalty and the everyday nuances of living in an Arab Islāmic nation.
Over the years I have seen, and I say this with all authority, that Bahrain is the most forward-looking nation in the Gulf and Arab region, with the friendliest people who make one feel welcome at any time.
So when, on Saturday, I was there to meet with former Tribune Editor Jalil Omar, it was nostalgia all over. We spoke about old times, the ups and downs, the funny and the not so funny, old colleagues, our achievements.
The fact that former Indian Express Resident Editor Brij Sharma (BBS), who I credit with making me the “reporter” journalist I am during my stint in Ahmedabad, India in the troubled 1990’s, and who is still a colleague, was also there, made the discussions the three of us had even more interesting and entertaining.
And, as if that was not enough, the icing on the cake was provided by Al Ayam staffer Salman (Khan), who we ran into as we arrived at the car park on our way out. The warmth in the hugs was enough to show he missed us as much as we did him and others.
I wouldn’t, of course, blame him, and ourselves, if our eyes were a little moist at that point. But, then, does that matter?

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Ah, moist eye are from the soul… what a wonderful reunion!


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