Close shave

Close shave
The scene after the fire was put out
A traditional house in Muharraq

One of Bahrain’s most famous places – the ancient Muharraq Suq – has lived to see another day after a devastating fire, thanks to timely intervention by the country’s Civil Defence services.
However, in spite of their prompt action – saving the entire area from being reduced to nothing – four of the area’s best-known shops selling traditional sweets were gutted.
Yes, they will be rebuilt and will be back in business soon but it was scary while the fire lasted. Scary because the place is home to some of Bahrain’s ancient traditions, old house, shops, roads, pavements, mosques and museums.
It’s also the area of Bahrain’s friendliest people, the most accommodation one will find anywhere, so it would be a shame to see something – anything – go wrong.
Thankfully, the worst is behind us – and steps are in place to make sure there’s no repeat – but I hope everyone’s more careful, especially in the hot summer days, when fires such as these happen more often.
Tradition and culture has been saved for now, and I hope it stays that way.

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Fires are scary any time of year. What an interesting area…hopefully in a short time they’ll have shops rebuilt and the energy and friendliness will be the point of focus again!


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