Boom Boom Bahrain

I dug out there two pictures from 2006 (bottom) when Bahrain’s now iconic Bahrain Financial Harbour and Bahrain World Trade Centre were under construction. These two sets of twin towers were then, and still are, the country’s most photographed buildings (left). We have, of course, come a long way from those times and Bahrain now is almost unrecognisable after all that construction activity over the … Continue reading Boom Boom Bahrain

Now this is enterprise!

This is a restaurant in New Delhi, India. I have no clue who took this picture but was stuck by the ingenuity and enterprise of whoever thought out the name. Not only that, the ‘fried’ turned to a healthier ‘fish’ and the legendary Col Sanders of KFC turned up as a smartly attired and graceful Sikh gentleman. Brilliant, to say the least. I wonder what … Continue reading Now this is enterprise!

Where is everybody?

I was extremely saddened this evening as I ventured out to the Manama waterfront park, or the Corniche as it is called, and found it deserted. But for a handful of children in the company of their bored-looking parents, and some officials, there was nothing else there. The dozen or so “rides” where children normally would amuse themselves and enjoy for hours on end were … Continue reading Where is everybody?

It’s hills again…

Originally posted on sindhuspace:
  Another year, another hills, same reason — rejuvenate. From what? Routine. We are going to Sikkim in India this time, no my past obsession Shimla. Oh┬áno, I am not setting the characters of my new book there. This trip is just to be in the midst of nature of a different sort. I know for someone living, and working overlooking… Continue reading It’s hills again…