The camera sees it all

The camera sees it all

DSC_9356DSC_9346Resting a while after a walk in Arad, and fiddling with the camera, I randomly took a few pictures.
Realising it was dark and not much could be “seen”, I nevertheless snapped away. And, to my surprise, came up with what I thought were some rather unusual shots.
There’s an enthusiastic jogger running past me while three women are also heading in the same direction.
On the other side is a lone stork wading in the dark waters and in yet another shot, a thick shroud of weed grass engulfs the base of a palm tree.
Not great photos but somewhat out of the ordinary. Proving yet again one doesn’t see the entire “picture” with the naked eye. A lot more comes to light when the picture’s on-screen!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    I rather like that last photo… beautiful colors!


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