It’s humid out there

DSC_9327We got the first taste of this summer season’s killing Bahrain humidity yesterday as we went out for our customary walk on the coast. And since it felt very hot, we drove down the few hundred yards, deciding to get out of the car and walk. DSC_9328And, as usual, I stepped out with the camera, and took this picture (left), not realising the mist had all but obliterated the lens. Instead of wiping it off, I took a few more shots (right, bottom) and came up with the other two, even as a youngster approached and plonked himself on one of the swings! And, by the time that happened, the cloudiness on the lens had vanished.
I did not think I would get any reasonable shots, given the weather, but reckoned these were worth sharing on seeing the results on-screen!DSC_9332

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    It is very humid here too! Our mornings are foggy too, and I’m glad to see you used the humidity to create unusual shots! Well done, my friend!


    1. singhcircle says:

      On, Thanks. The fog these days is not FOG at all – it’s humidity! And the humidity is a killer! 100 pc humidity with the temperature 40 degrees C plus! That’s how a chicken perhaps feels like in an oven!


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