Ball of a time!

Ball of a time!

We were walking out from the cinema at the mall this evening when we saw this amazing sight of children at play. Reminded me of our own childhood when we played with balls – but not inside a mall – it was always outdoors, among the wild, the flowers, the mud, sand, grime and water.
That was “play” in our times.DSC_0462
Though I was envious of the extreme fun these little humans were having, I lamented the fact these children would never know what it means to be outdoors, what it is like being one with nature and what fun it is to be covered in sand and mud, even at the cost of being spanked by mom later!
That said, the view was very colourful, literally! The unadulterated enjoyment, the looks on children’s faces with drooling parents watching was a treat to watch!
I know it’s not going to happen but yes, what’s the harm in saying: “Wish I were a child again!”

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