Laugh Out Loud – and Smile

DSC_8510These pictures of life during a typical Manama weekend show several kinds emotions among Bahrain’s blue-collared workers who gather at the ‘two square’ every Thursday and Friday. One just has to stand in one corner to see all that goes on. While it is difficult to capture everything and photograph everybody, I have attempted to show some of the most common “faces”.DSC_8542
For example, there are two possibly Pakistani workers discussion when they would land another job (top), or a group of Indian men engaged in an animated conversation, with one of then laughing his head off (above).
In another photograph, a group of Asian men catch up on gossip, with one of them becoming momentarily conscious of the camera (right) while in yet another picture some workers, probably from the same ‘camp’, await company transport after a shopping spree, grocery bags lined up on the parapet (left).DSC_8560
This same area is also Bahrain’s largest “employment exchange” where one can find craftsmen and workers of all hues – you name it, they have it! At any given time on a weekday, one can see “employers” in large vehicles line up to hire workers to do all kinds of jobs – plumbers, masons, carpenters, movers, packers, or simply manual labourers!
It’s sure a tough life but at the end of the day, they manage a smile – and a laugh!

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