Cheat Day at the Walkway

We went out for a drive this evening! It was meant to be just a drive.
Ended up at the local McDonald’s store and burgers and wraps followed (what else).
We still wanted to “drive around” so we did. Did not wish to go home at that stage so drove to one of our favourite places – the Muharraq Walkway!DSC_0447
DSC_0451As we were sitting and devouring (yes, that’s the word), I couldn’t help feeling just a little guilty! We come here often to walk and exercise in our attempt to stay fit, slim and trim (lol) but, hey, here we were with perhaps the ‘unhealthiest’ food (and drink), eating shamelessly as daily walkers went about their business.
The park cat was also a little taken aback and kept meandering around us, eager, perhaps, to take care of the leftovers, if any. We were having nothing of that, however. We finished everything – to the last morsel!
Went home nearly an hour later, rather full, lethargic and a hint of regret. After all, we should not be indulging this way! Or should we? We shall leave it to us!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Ha ha ha! That’s the kind of crazy attitude I have today, my friend! Live it up and be happy! Sometimes a person just has to cut loose!


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