Old is ‘gold’

Old is 'gold'

I dusted my very first “professional” camera – a Nikon D3100 – this evening and even took it out for a “spin”.
I thought it would not be responsive, after having gone on to use better, and more advanced equipment, but I was pleasantly surprised I still enjoyed taking pictures, even though at a “slower” rate with a much smaller camera.
The 3100 is remarkable. It takes pretty decent shots, particularly landscapes, and since it was close to sunset, I stayed on to take a few.
I found carrying the 3100 is far simpler since it’s almost ‘box camera’ light so now I have decided to carry it with me when I go for a walk or drive into town. It can also be tucked under the car seat when in the parking lot so it’s not visible’ to potential car thieves!
The picture of this man taking a walk in the water with the setting golden sun in the background and the tide coming in is one of this evening’s creations!

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