Fish(singh) Fiasco

Fish(singh) Fiasco

DSC_8057 DSC_8055We went fishing today. Rather, fishing for fish! Having shopped for some fresh vegetables at the popular Farmer’s Market, we were enthusiastic that it had expanded to cover local fishermen who were invited to sell their catch.
But not only was the variety of fish available rather disappointing, the prices were more than what we pay at the local fish monger’s. But since we had travelled 20 km with a lot of anticipation, we bought several kilo of what was there on the assurance they would clean the ‘catch.’
But that, we later realised, required an endless wait in the hot sun as the lone ‘cleaner’ struggled with scores of shoppers.
No problem, we would go to the Suq and get the cleaning done. That was not to be since he was closing up when we reached. So I trudged to another shop, only to find he had already closed!
Next stop, the local hardware store, to get a sharp pair of scissors and de-scaler. No luck! He did not have what we needed!
So it was back home, carrying almost six kilo of what we thought would have been an excellent bargain and began the painstaking task of cleaning up.
Yes, we did manage, but not before we had our hands got bruised from thorns, the apartment smelt like the fish market, the walls, floor and hair were dotted with scales and splashed with what came out of the
But it was worth it in the end. We quickly spice fried some of what we had accomplished, had a hearty meal and cleaned up during what was left of the afternoon.
So much for the shopping spree!
But, yes, we do have enough stock now and don’t need another similar trip for a few weeks!

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