Learn to be Indian first


This clip was shared on Facebook a few days ago. And it certainly is food for thought.

The ongoing Indian elections (thankfully, it will be all over in a few days) have taken a toll on life, and politics, in our great nation.

The sad part is that we, from the world’s greatest democracy, have forgotten to be Indians, we no longer know what being human is all about and we have so immersed ourselves with petty politics and communalism it’s shameful, scary and in very bad taste.

Any Indian’s (and others), reading this anywhere in the world, please share. It’s in Hindi (apologies to the non-Hindi speakers) but the gist of it is the distrust between Hindus and Muslims and how the polarisation has resulted in friends turning into enemies. It goes on to say how we should get the hatred out of our lives and learn to live in harmony and peace, politics notwithstanding!

I wish we are humans again. I wish we don’t squabble over such issues.

Politicians will take people for a ride and go home. We will continue to squabble and fight and make faces at one another.

It will not do us any good.


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