I will get there – eventually!

I will get there - eventually!

I saw this quote from one of the greatest photographers ever. It certainly is inspiring. And what I have started to do is to begin counting the photographs I have taken.
I am sure I am nowhere near the 10,000 mark and, even if I am, nowhere near perfect. In fact, I don’t suppose anyone at all will ever be what Henri Cartier-Bresson was.
Perfectionists like this master come once in the proverbial Blue Moon and that passed in 2004.
I am yet to take a picture that I have been personally very satisfied with – something that I can say is my creation. I have never been proud of a picture (so far) that I have taken, never mind the ‘wow’ and ‘superb’ comments on Twitter and Facebook.
Yes, some of the pictures have been extraordinary, some have been unique and some others have been brilliant. But there are hundreds, thousands, millions of others who are clicking away.
Just one look at all those photography books or magazines or even a visit to a photo exhibition and you will know what I mean.
But, soon, I am sure, I will get there – somewhere. Something will make me proud – of myself!
That said, just stepping out with a camera makes it well worth it.
After all, it’s not many people out there who can claim to have witnessed “history” – and that’s what another great, Berenice Abbot, said.clickquote2

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