Then – and Now!

These two buildings, in the heart of the Old Manama Suq, couldn’t be more apart in terms of looks. One, a modern structure with many apartments and the other a dilapidated, crumbling structure which had clearly seen better days. However, the older building stands out in terms of its sheer architectural brilliance, with large windows, a ‘air curtain’, massive rooms and high roofs. Clearly, it … Continue reading Then – and Now!

Laugh Out Loud – and Smile

These pictures of life during a typical Manama weekend show several kinds emotions among Bahrain’s blue-collared workers who gather at the ‘two square’ every Thursday and Friday. One just has to stand in one corner to see all that goes on. While it is difficult to capture everything and photograph everybody, I have attempted to show some of the most common “faces”. For example, there … Continue reading Laugh Out Loud – and Smile