The colour is back

The colour is back

Watermelons are on the streets of Bahrain again. A sure sign its summertime!
This is a well-known ‘yardstick’ that there’s now no looking back and any temporary return to pleasant weather that we hope could continue for longer!
That said, this was the first time this season we spotted watermelons being sold on the street – off a pick-up truck. And the opportunity was irresistible.
The fruit that we got was ‘value for money’ to say the least because it turned out extremely sweet and juicy!
For sure, there’s more to come. This is just the start of the season. And summer is pretty long and difficult in this part of the world.
Where I come from, Punjab in Northern India, as children we were given ice-cold watermelon first thing in the morning and it was always so refreshing. Later, as time passed, and we moved on, getting, cooling and finally eating a watermelon became an arduous task and soon we gave it up completely!
Until we landed in Bahrain, that is. The beginning of every summer brings with it a bumper crop and out come the pick-up trucks loaded with the bright red fruit. And since these are sold on the streets and seen everywhere, it’s difficult to give them a go by.
The bottom line is that we have come back to watermelons in a major way – and await the summer to indulge!

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