DSC_0319I have started looking at all those beautiful books I have collected over the last many years. Reason?
It’s been a rather dull last few weeks with not many picture opportunities coming by so I decided to dust some of my collection – mostly volumes with large and graphic pictures – and giving them a look over.
I have always been in awe of such books and never miss an opportunity to lay my hands of a few more when an opportunity presents itself. There are great photographers who have produced some invaluable work so it always helps to take a look at their labour to get a few ideas.
There are also a few on my World Press ‘following’ list who are an inspiration, and whose blogs I look forward to. Some of them have created awesome breathtaking pictures out of nothing while some are impressive by their sheer audacity and adventurism.
Though I try to incorporate some of the “sights” in the pictures I take, I know there’s a whole ocean to negotiate and cross before I get anywhere near those great names and achieve that kind of perfection.
Meanwhile, I can only look, see, observe – and try to do my best!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    I love your photography – candid “people” shots and everyday color and life. I too love pouring over collections from my travels, different regions and ways of life.

    I see you have a “Jaguar Scrapbook” in that photo. My husband drives an old 2001 XJ-VDP. We love that car! Such a comfy ride and classic look.


  2. singhcircle says:

    Thanks for the “like”. I love to read about cars, hence the Scrapbook and the McLaren volume you see under the “Humans”. Was once the “car writer” at a local newspaper and drove all kinds of vehicles to review but have since moved on. Always look forward to handling a new four-wheeler, however.
    Meanwhile, inspiration continues to be elude!


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