Bargain Bonanza

293302_10150451431255833_1763799714_n 300147_10150451431170833_198754205_n 306357_10150451431650833_1870775198_n 386013_10150451431585833_662714799_n 382014_10150451431445833_700510992_n 380604_10150451431360833_1423429015_n 319918_10150451431040833_1898015552_n 317649_10150451430930833_578169172_nThis is what the streets of a particular quarter in Old Manama look like on the weekend. The well-known “Bangali Gali” (lane of the Bengalis) is a favourite haunt for workers of all hues as well as families eager to strike a bargain – be it to buy vegetables and other fresh produce, or sundry gift items. Needless to say, it is a nightmare for motorists and traffic policemen. Life, however, goes on as usual and the activity has only gotten more popular with the passage of time, in spite of the authorities’ insistence it does not have official sanction.

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