Whatsapp on a boat

The entrance
The entrance

Arabs – and Bahrainis – are well-known for setting up a majlis (meeting place) almost anywhere, especially in their homes – where men gather over the sheesha (water pipe), cups of Arabic tea and coffee and endless gossip. But this majlis I saw while on my usual “trip with the camera” takes the cake!

The approach
The ‘view’

In one of the most secluded areas on the Muharraq coast, where no one would ordinarily go, was a ramshackle and disused dhow that had been converted into a floating meeting place. It had a proper ‘pathway’, a veranda, a courtyard and all those things that would make a group of men feel comfortable.
A very large television and a mini kitchen complete with tea-making utensils and gadgets was also there, making it perhaps one of the most “well-equipped” ramshackle structures I have seen.

The inside of the majlis
The inside view

What did not, however, make sense was the place was very untidy and unkempt, more like an unruly bachelors’ pad and not a place where grown up men could hang out and have a discussion.
The idea is brilliant but there is a question mark over its implementation. Perhaps I will go back there one day and have a chat with the owner!


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  1. andy says:

    such a comfortable boat with all amenities !


    1. singhcircle says:

      There are so many of these here. And they are very comfortable!

      Liked by 1 person

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