‘Beach’ cricket in Bahrain

DSC_6902Hundreds of cricket enthusiasts gather on the seaside in Busaiteen every weekend to enjoy what is known as the gentlemen’s game. While the game is predominantly played in the Indian Sub-continent, Australia and England, besides the Caribbean, expatriates in Bahrain have made the most of the sparse and minimal facilities in setting up local tournaments and leagues.
And it is thanks to these young men from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka who recently had even got Bahrain within striking distance of qualifying for the world stage in the game.DSC_6864

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  1. bastihodge says:

    Awesome post. I really adore your work! Really good that Bahrain have set up leagues! I’m Sebastian by the way and I love cricket. I am also a minor and have a cricket blog. Link: http://www.mycricketnet.com


  2. singhcircle says:

    Thanks for the comment – and the follow. While cricket is followed in Bahrain, mostly by the thousands of Indians and Pakistanis but also by people from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, there are no facilities. Yes, there are few leagues and there is an association but these are no better than personal ‘fiefdoms’ of a few ‘influential’ persons.
    Real talent that Bahrain teams of youngsters showed by reaching the top among the Asian associates was ruthlessly crushed by these vested interests to show their own misguided importance in running the game’s affairs. Sad!


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