The Storm Effect!


DSC_7134 DSC_7152 DSC_7654These are some of the pictures taken in Muharraq after a severe wind-storm battered Bahrain last weekend. While there was some ‘devastation’ across the country with several signboards being blown away, there was also an incident in which aluminium sheets being installed on a building under construction were scattered over a densely-populated residential area in Manama.DSC_7138
A day after the storm, I visited the Muharraq coastline where I knew there would be some chaos given the ramshakle temporary construction.
Surprisingly, however, the ‘destruction’ was not as widespread as I thought there would be. In particular, one of the ‘units’ that I had photographed several weeks ago (top left) and which I though was ready to collapse at any time, was still standing.
Many of the wooden huts as well as piers had collapsed and had been blown away but their owners had already taken steps to get the re-building process going.
I will go back to the area in a few days to see what the progress is. After all, Bahrain is not known for such natural events. The last such gale was more than a decade ago when there was a lot more chaos, several vehicles were damaged and some people even lost their lives after being hit by flying debris.

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