The colour is back

Watermelons are on the streets of Bahrain again. A sure sign its summertime! This is a well-known ‘yardstick’ that there’s now no looking back and any temporary return to pleasant weather that we hope could continue for longer! That said, this was the first time this season we spotted watermelons being sold on the street – off a pick-up truck. And the opportunity was irresistible. … Continue reading The colour is back

Trash the garbage

The trash that we leave behind on our beaches and a lack of proper cleaning infrastructure seems to have caught up with this seagull as it took flight on Bahrain’s Busaiteen coast. While trying to ‘capture’ some of the birds that routinely make the coast their home in the evening, I ‘got’ this one with a string, possibly from a disused fishing line, attached to … Continue reading Trash the garbage