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DSC_0235yalla-yalla-restaurantWe wanted Indian food today. And we did not want to have it at home!
And we also did not want ‘fast-food’ and we wanted a state-of-the-art cozy place.
So we went to Yalla-Yalla Restaurant in Al Safir Hotel and Towers. But there was a problem!
They do not serve Indian fare.
However, a quick call ensured chef Mohammed Alam prepared ‘home-made’ Punjabi fare for us – made to order literally – except we were not aware what the dishes would be.
So it happened that we came away after having one of the best paneer (cheese) masala, corn and spinach curry, the traditional dal (Lentils) and karahi chicken we have had in a long time!
The excellent service, pleasant staff and an even greater ambience made the visit memorable.
After all, how many times would one go to an Arabic (Lebanese) restaurant and have ‘custom-made’ North Indian Punjabi food?
But some things just happen. As it did in this case!
Also, Al Safir is known for that little extra it does with its guests. And that’s a winner!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Those photographs are so inviting and colorful, and the food looks amazing! Isn’t it lovely when you discover a gastronomic marvel like this where the customer service is above and beyond what you expected? What a wonderful experience!!


  2. singhcircle says:

    Hi. Thanks for writing in. Food is something that can make – or break – someone! Fortunately, in Bahrain, we have the best of all parts of the world. This is the advantage of staying in a cosmopolitan, multicultural and multiracial society where we have the freedom to choose. Yes, I do miss the great outdoors and the simple country life but this more than compensates for it in so many other ways. Staying on the coast makes is so much better!


  3. ddeeppaa says:

    The photographs are colourful. Nice visiting your site.


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