The Neighbourhood

DSC_7552The best part of staying in Busaiteen, on Bahrain’s Muharraq Island, is the neighbourhood. As we step out of our house, and just a couple of minutes away, is where this neighbourhood begins.
The piers, fishing points, the majlis on the water. the seaweed, migratory birds, dogs and cats, are all there.DSC_7558
Every day of the last more than three months that we have been here have been a revelation but never have I enjoyed so much as I have begun to in the last few days when we go out for our regular walks to coincide with the high tide. And now that the summer is almost upon us, the evenings are bright and vibrant.DSC_7566
These pictures, taken two evenings ago, is but just a sample of what we see almost from our door step. The most interesting, of course is the “living room” on a pier in the midst of the swirling waters of the high tide when, in the next few weeks, we plan to come and have our evening tea.
This place sure is a great stress-buster, one that is highly recommended for anyone on the island!DSC_6060