Tide Up!

20140228_173930It was after a long time we took a walk along the Busaiteen coast when it was high tide and it was still coming in. Not only were there a lot of visitors, the scene was very different with the ‘splash-splash’ of the rising water, which gave the atmosphere a rather romantic look and feel.20140228_174111I have earlier written about this and shown pictures but these are the first ones when there is a lot of water. Clearly a perfect spot for a picnic with friends and family, sitting on the “park bench”, or just a splash with the children in the “pool” or even lounging around on the floating couch. 20140228_173402
The weather is changing by the day and it’s already very “summerish”. So it is but a matter of days when the entire area becomes pretty much “inhospitable”. But going by what we have now experienced, we will surely keep coming back – and time our visits with the incoming tide!20140228_173704

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